La consigna más personal en el centro de Granada

At La Peineta you can store your baggage, backpacks, shopping bags, coats... The time you need.

We have lockers, baskets and shelves under permanent surveillance.

You can store all the items you can fit inside lockers and baskets.

Or, if you prefer so, you can pay only for the storage of a single item on our shelves.

1 € per hour*

5 € a day

Because size doesn't matter


*We will charge you 1€ per every hour or fraction for the custoty of one piece of luggage, no matter its size, for the lockers or baskets renting, or for the powerbanks renting.

Until 1 hour 1.00 €
Until 2 hours 2.00 €
Until 4 hours 3.00 €
Until 5 hours 4.00 €
From 4 hours, until 19:30 5.00 €
From 19:30 until 09:30 of the next day 5.00 €



Above prices include VAT


At the time of deposit, the contents of each baggage must be declared.

Coats, bags, backpacks, suitcases and similar items will be accepted on deposit.

Different elements from the previous ones will be accepted prior agreement with LA PEINETA staff.

Each package will be well closed, under the responsibility of the owner.

In case of damaged packages, this issue will be declared in the check in form, and LA PEINETA will be free of any responsibility in relation to these damages.

LA PEINETA is not responsible, in any case, for deposited items such as jewelry, money, precious metals, business documents, electronic material or other valuables contained in each package.

LA PEINETA staff will not accept the luggage or packages under their own criteria.


We will not accept:

  • · Elements containing hazardous, harmful, flammable or deteriorating materials, or that may cause deterioration of the storage infrastructure, or damage or deterioration to other deposited elements.
  • · Money, jewelry, precious metals and valuables in general.
  • · Drugs and narcotics.
  • · Elements that give off bad smells.
  • · Any illicit material not contemplated above.


The staff of LA PEINETA will never access the inside of the deposited items or the inside of the lockers or baskets.

Access to the interior of the elements guarded in LA PEINETA will only be allowed to the Local Police and State Security, as long as the request is motivated and for security reasons.

In any case, the person who made the deposit will be notified of the inspection, either by phone or by email.


You will fill and sign the check in form, and LA PEINETA staff will load the data to our database. You have to show your identity document.

We will take a picture of the checked in items in order to avoid possible confusion when collecting luggage or to show possible damages and deterioration of the items deposited.

This information will be removed from our database once the deposited luggage is collected, unless an ordinary invoice is requested, in which case a copy of the invoice will remain in the establishment for 5 years, as required by the Tax Agency.

Once LA PEINETA accepts your luggage, you have to pay the pricing published on the website according to the storage option, luggage size and duration of the storage. The corresponding simplified invoice will be delivered. In the case that the duration of the storage is extended, the extra fares will be paid at the check out according to the rates published on the website and at the establishment.


We will only return the deposited items to the person with the identity document shown when checking in.

In the case of introducing luggage in a locker, a copy of the key will remain guarded by LA PEINETA staff to avoid possible loss of it. A deposit of 5 € will be paid in advance which will be returned when checking out.


If at 19:30 on the day of the deposit the stored items have not been checked out, we will try to contact the person who made the deposit through the email provided or by telephone, if the person who made the deposit has a Spanish number.

After 48 hours without being able to contact the person who made the check in, the unclaimed luggage will be understood as abandoned and we will proceed to the legal destination that is considered appropriate, whether its disposal, occupation or destruction.

LA PEINETA does not assume any responsibility for damage or theft of abandoned luggage in its facilities.


If shipment of forgotten luggage is requested, the person who made the check in will bear all shipping costs, after payment of the deposit and custody fee corresponding to the time that the luggage has been deposited.


If the person checking in does not pay the corresponding fee when checking out, if there is any fare difference, LA PEINETA will have the right to retain the luggage up to the full payment of the corresponding amount as established in article 1780 of the Spanish Civil Code.


LA PEINETA is not responsible for the deterioration of the deposited elements or the effects stored in them that has not been caused by its personnel or by the state of its facilities.

LA PEINETA assumes no responsibility for the items deposited if they were not closed or sealed when delivered to our staff.

LA PEINETA assumes no responsibility for deposited items not declared in the baggage registration form.


Each piece of luggage / package is covered by insurance up to a maximum of € 250.

This insurance covers any damage and / or loss directly attributable to the LA PEINETA, as well as theft by third parties.

Such insurance will not cover precious stones, precious metals, watches, plasma screens, LCD, GPS navigators, mobile phones, computers, tablets, jewelry, money, glass, porcelain, objects of art, antiques, documents or films, tapes, discs , memory cards or any other medium that contains data or images.

The options mentioned above do not cover the breakage of handles and / or wheels.

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